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    C-Drive is India's most trusted Science hiring platform connecting the most exciting Life Science and Chemical Science organisations with our deep network and database of Indian Science talent from across India and the West.

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    Our program called the ‘X-Tra Mile’ ensures that students have the necessary ‘X factor’
    which will help them get started on the right foot.

About US

We are an organization on a mission. Our mission: ‘To make India the Science Talent hub of the world’.

Our organization is passionate about enabling the 2Es in Science namely Employment and Employability.

Over the past 8 years, we’ve helped over 100 Science driven organizations to employ nearly 1,000 individuals.

During this journey, we’ve also observed a significant amount of wasted potential. Our goal is to to bridge this ‘potential vs actual gap’ and create an ‘empowered talent pool’ that can power industry and enterprise in India.

The challenge

We are inspired by the tremendous strides Indians have made globally on the Science research scene, but frustrated by our inability to replicate our ‘international achievements’ on home turf. It is the same talent pool, who when provided a conducive environment, have a multiplier impact on society.
We believe that close to 50% of individuals who get rejected in interviews have the potential to be employed by those very organizations, with some help and focus.
Even today, for all critical roles, there is a strong industry bias to hire from Ivy League Tier I Indian institutions and ‘Returning Indians’ who together constitute about 2% to 5% of the available talent pool.
This represents a skewed model which ‘isolates’ the majority of talent spread across Tier II and Tier III towns who potentially have the ability but lack the exposure and training to leverage their capabilities. Our endeavor is to unlock this ‘hidden potential’ and talent pool, enabling their integration with mainstream opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship.
We also hope to stem ‘talent migration’ to other sectors by enhancing domain specific employment and employability

Clients Who Have Trusted Us The list of clients who have put their trust in us includes: